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Cherry Audio Products Requiring Frequent Reactivation or Load Blank Screen

Once you have activated each product on a device, it should retain that activation. However, a few scenarios can create conflicts that cause this problem. This article will go over the first few things to try before contacting Chery Audio's support team. However, you are always to contact support directly if you want, and they can go over these steps with you.

  • Are all of your products up-to-date? Having an old release of one instrument can cause issues with newer instruments. A list of current releases and their links is available here.
  • Are you using a VPN, or do you have proxy settings enabled on your network adapter? Does your router have any mechanisms that rename devices?

If all of your installations are current and you don't have any network configurations that would cause this, please get in touch with Cherry Audio support to dive deeper into troubleshooting. Confirming these two factors are not the issue will speed up the troubleshooting process.

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