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Should I update to macOS Ventura 13.3?

As of November 2022, all Cherry Audio products were updated to support macOS Ventura (OS version 13). However, macOS 13.3 up to and including macOS 14.4 will cause Voltage Modular to fail validation in Logic Pro or GarageBand while running natively on Apple Silicon (M1/M2/M3). In those versions, of macOS Apple has completely blocked the technology at the core of Voltage Modular from running in Audio Units. This change occurs due to a macOS update because Logic Pro and GarageBand delegate management of Audio Units to macOS, unlike any other DAWs.

The macOS 14.4.1 update resolves this issue  -- the AU for Voltage Modular and Voltage Modular FX will work in Logic Pro.

If using Voltage Modular natively in Logic Pro is critical to your workflow please avoid all versions from macOS 13.3 up to and including macOS 14.4

If updating to 14.4.1 isn't an option but you have updated to 13.3 and need to run the Voltage Modular AU in Logic, it will work using Rosetta to open Logic Pro. 

Because no other Cherry Audio products implement the technology being blocked in macOS 13.3 and above, this issue is exclusive to Voltage Modular and doesn't affect other Cherry Audio products.

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