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How do I get something I purchased from an authorized reseller in my Cherry Audio account?

If you have purchased a Cherry Audio product from an authorized retail outlet or website, they will provide you with a single-use code to redeem, which applies the product to your Cherry Audio account.

If you don't have a Cherry Audio account yet, you can set one up here:

You will need to verify your account email address after submitting your registration.

To add the product to your verified Cherry Audio account, enter your code here:

Double-check the email address you enter when redeeming your code, to ensure it is correct so that the product is delivered to your Cherry Audio account.

Here is a video describing how to redeem a code.

Once the code has been redeemed, you can download and install the software.

If the software was already installed, you can relaunch the software to have the license updated from demo mode. If your software appears to be stuck in demo mode, please check this article for help.

If you didn't receive a code, please contact the reseller directly for support.

If entering your code returns a message saying it has already been used, please ensure the product doesn't already appear in your Cherry Audio account.

If the product doesn't appear in your account after redeeming the product, please contact Cherry Audio support and include the code in your message.

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