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I get an error message about my credentials when trying to log into my Cherry Audio account and/or software. Why?

If you are getting an error message about credentials when logging into your software but have no problem logging into your Cherry Audio account at, there is likely an issue with the browser, keychain, or password manager populating the password field in the browser.

Inversely, if you are not able to log into your account through our site, but the software is accepting the password, it's likely a stale password being auto-filled in the browser.

Because the site and the software use the same authentication, the issue lies in the information being sent.

So, the best way to confirm this issue is:

  •  Take the password you know works on one side and type it into a text document.
  • Copy that text from the text document and then paste it into the password field. 
    • In the case of a browser, if you do this in an incognito (private) browser window, you're ensuring that the browser isn't populating the password for you as well.
  • Test this on both the software and on

If you are unable to log into your Cherry Audio account through, please try resetting your password.

Allow the reset email a couple of minutes to arrive and please check your junk or spam inboxes if it doesn't appear in your general inbox.

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