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Error message that you have reached the maximum number of users for this account.

If you see this error message:

There was a problem logging in. You have reached the maximum number of users for this account. 

Log into your account at, go to your profile page, and select the Devices section. This displays the computers that are activated for each Cherry Audio product. You can have a maximum of four activations for each product.  Remove any activations that are not needed.  Note: If any plugins have duplicate entries, remove the oldest one.  

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  1. Greg B

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  1. Greg Hubbard

    Is there something strange about Windows 10 that causes activations to get created for the same machine after Microsoft updates?  This is a little annoying.  Thankfully you have things in place that guide me to the repair...

  2. Jeffrie James

    I need help.  i've tried everything suggested to register and use dco-16. to no avail. 

    This is not an easy process