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Oversampling and CPU performance with Cherry Audio products

Oversampling can significantly increase the number of calculations a computer's CPU must perform. If a synthesizer is set to 2x oversampling, it essentially doubles the sample rate, meaning the CPU must process twice as many samples in the same amount of time. 4x oversampling will be four times the processing.

Most Cherry Audio synths handle their DSP on one core of your CPU, so this can become too much for a core quite quickly.  Even if you have 200 cores in your system, if the one a synth is using is getting taxed by the demands placed on it, you will experience CPU performance issues.

Several of our synthesizers allow for multiple voices and have dual layers. Each voice that uses oversampling multiplies the workload on the CPU. So, a polyphonic instrument playing multiple notes with oversampling can quickly add up and strain the CPU. 

Tips for those who want to use oversampling:

  • Some instruments will benefit more from applying oversampling than others. Consider why you are applying oversampling and if it's worth the CPU load.
  • Consider applying oversampling offline by bouncing or freezing the track before the final mix. This approach ensures the best system performance during the critical stages of music production.
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