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Is Voltage Modular written in Java?

No. The Voltage Modular plug-in and standalone versions are an ultra-high performance C++ application. This includes Voltage Modular’s GUI and core audio processing code.

However, Voltage Modular’s individual modules are written using the Java programming language. This includes the logic to connect and control buttons, knobs, switches, and other controls, as well as the module’s DSP code, allowing rapid module development. Each module’s Java code is compiled into highly-optimized Java bytecode; when a module is loaded, its Java bytecode is converted into native machine language using our custom Hotspot virtual machine. This converted machine-language is capable of being faster than compiled C++ code, because it can be optimized for the capabilities of your specific processor on-the-fly. Contrary to some forum chatter we’ve seen questioning the efficiency of the Java code used for modules, we’ve found Voltage Modular significantly outperforms competing virtual modular synthesizer software instruments (including a certain popular open-source instrument).

Note: User-created modules are subject to Cherry Audio’s guidelines.

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