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Isn't a "real" hardware modular better than a virtual modular instrument running on a computer?

Hardware and software modular instruments both have their place, and one isn't necessarily "better" than the other. Perhaps the best aspect of a hardware modular synth is the tactile experience of moving real knobs, sliders, and switches, as well as patching and routing actual patch cords. This is certainly different experience than working with onscreen controls and cables.

But the flip side is that Voltage Modular is often far easier to use because of its built in six-way mults on all input and output jacks, easy saving and loading of patches and cabinets, and easy-to-move around modules. More importantly, there are no limits on the number of available modules in Voltage Modular. For example, a typical hardware modular system might have one or two oscillators (they ain't cheap!), whereas Voltage Modular allows as many instances of a given module as needed. Want to create a patch with 34 oscillators, and 26 filters, 20 envelope generators, and 20 amplifiers? No problem. A patch like this on a hardware modular would entail thousands upons thousands of dollars in modules (and a huge cabinet, with a huge power supply, etc.).

And while we're discussing price, the Voltage Modular core package, which currently includes over 80 modules, costs a fraction of an equivalent hardware system - likely about the price of a single hardware oscillator or filter module!

Want more? Module controls can be automated via MIDI or with a DAW, and module controls can be mapped to Voltage’s Performance Panel controls, allowing a single knob to radically alter multiple patch parameters. Patches can be saved and recalled in the blink of an eye, modules can be freely and easily repositioned at will, and pre-wired cabinets can be stored in the Cabinet Library and added to projects with a single click. Presets can be easily be shared with friends and collaborators directly from the Preset Manager. The list of fast, fun, and innovative features goes on and on!

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