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Can I map the GX-80 ribbon to a controller?

The GX-80 ribbon is a performance feature mirroring the pitch ribbon on the original hardware synth. Pitch Bend, however, is not a MIDI CC and the ribbon is therefore not a mappable control. Further, like the pitch or modulation wheels on virtual instruments, onscreen manipulation of the ribbon does not transmit data that can be recorded as automation in a DAW or other host.

Like the original, the pitch ribbon on the GX-80 is unique in that it doesn’t have a set center location - the “zero” point is wherever you initially place your mouse cursor. The GX-80 pitch ribbon will respond to any physical controller such as a standard pitch wheel or a ribbon on a controller or synth, as long as that control is transmitting MIDI Pitch Bend messages. Data from those hardware controllers can also be used to record automation in DAWs.

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