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Why should I choose Voltage Modular over other virtual modular instruments?

Polyphony - Voltage Modular’s unique virtual MIDI cabling makes routing polyphonic control signals a snap.The included quad Poly CV Converter module and “all-in-one” polyphonic oscillator modules allow fast and easy creation of polyphonic patches. Other poly modules include an arpeggiator as well as innovative poly I/O modules for routing control signals to and from external MIDI hardware synths and modules. No other virtual modular makes polyphony so fast and easy.

No separate “edit” or “play” modes - Cables can be moved and routed at all times, just like a hardware modular system.

Fast and intuitive repositioning of modules - Modules or groups of modules can instantly be dragged and dropped to any position with neighboring modules gracefully scooting aside to make room. Once you experience Voltage Modular’s super-smart module moving, you’ll never want to use another software modular again!

No teeny-tiny onscreen cables or “behind the panel” routing - All CV, audio, and MIDI cables are visible and moveable at all times, just like a hardware modular synthesizer.

Modules, modules, modules! - With over 90 modules in the included Core Package, and an additional 15 in the Electro Drums Package (sold separately), Voltage Modular currently has close to 100 modules. We’re constantly developing and releasing new modules, and third-party manufacturers are also working innovative new modules.

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