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Is an Internet connection required to use this plugin?

You do need to create a Cherry Audio account and connect your computer to the Internet to activate Surrealistic MG-1 Plus. Once it is activated, you can use Surrealistic MG-1 Plus offline. 

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  1. Greg B

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  1. Doku Jack

    Mein Internet ist ebenfalls immer an und das Teil motzt rum m an solle sein Internet Einschalten. Ist das vVst nen Scherzartikel oder was soll der Mumpitz ?

  2. Glen Berry

    My internet access was down for several hours recently. During that time, I was unable to use any of the Cherry Audio demo plugins I've downloaded. I was also unable to use my MG-1 Plus plugin, which I've used multiple times in the past.

    Are you CERTAIN an internet connection is no required to use my MG-1 Plus plugin?

    Wouldn't my MG-1 Plus plugin definitely have been activated, since I've used it on many occasions, over a long period of time?