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What’s the audio quality of Voltage Modular?

All audio processing in Voltage Modular uses high-quality 64-bit double precision math. Modules operate with an internal sample rate of 48kHz. All module processes are zero-latency and operate on individual samples; the only way to achieve true modular performance. In this way, Voltage feels and reacts just like working with a hardware modular.

Voltage Modular’s analog oscillators are built using our advanced, proprietary alias-free analog modeling algorithm. Our Cherry Audio analog filters are 2x oversampled, and carefully model the minor distortions and character of the best analog filters. The idiosyncratic curves of analog envelope generators have been carefully modeled. In short, Voltage Modular isn’t just a cool synthesis platform - it truly sounds fantastic. And it should, because Voltage Modular has been designed and built by vintage analog synthesizer fanatics.

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