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Why is my software still in demo mode after purchasing it?

If you purchased something you have as a demo, but it isn't updating to release the demo mode, please try the following:

  • Check your Cherry Audio account under Orders & Demos to ensure the purchase was completed successfully.
  • Ensure that you have an active internet connection.
  • Check Settings > Account to confirm that the demo is using the same Cherry Audio account as that in which you made the purchase.
    • If it's not, click the Update Login Info button to enter the correct account credentials.
  • Close and reopen the software.
  • Try deleting the following directory and reopening the software:
    • Mac (User Library): 
      • ~/Library/Application Support/CherryAudio/product_name/Plugin
    • Windows
      • %appdata%\CherryAudio\product_name\Plugin

If none of the above recommendations resolve the issue, please contact Cherry Audio support.

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