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Apple Silicon M1 processor support

Cherry Audio instruments and effects now natively support Apple Silicon M1 processor computers (check for updates to ensure you have the latest version).

Note to Voltage Modular users - there is a separate installer for the M1 version of Voltage Modular, which you can download here: Download Voltage Modular.

If you use Logic Pro and are running macOS 13.3 or higher on Apple Silicon, please see the article below.

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  1. Greg B

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  1. Alex Machairas

    Unfortunately I have same issue with Logic Pro. I  have MacBook Pro M3 and Voltage Modular doesn't pass.

    At first I was excited as it was working as stand-alone but this has no use as we all want it to work within the DAW.

    Any update soon, wonderful people at Cherry Audio?

  2. elesias

    Still broken under Logic !

  3. MP

    I agree. Are there any plans to fix Voltage Modular failing validation in Logic Pro? 

    Is there another place where this type of support question should be posted? It seems like something Cherry Audio would want to remedy, as it is unusable in Logic Pro as is.

  4. Nina Szeven

    Voltage Modular 2.7.0 STILL FAILS plugin validation in Logic Pro on Apple M1 Max Ventura. I've yet to find a work around. ANY idea when this will be fixed?

    Is anyone looking at this thread ?

    Kind of annoying to have paid for something that is unusable.   .

    - Voltage Modular 2.7.0
    - Logic Pro 10.8.1
    - Apple M1 MAX 32-GB
    - Ventura

  5. elesias

    When do we  finally an Voltage Modular update so that we can use it  !?
    Your support articles are even outdated and still show Ventura.

  6. Marcus Urruh

    The native M1 installer 2.5.5 from February 2022 does not produce any usable plugins on this Monterey MacBook Air M1. I'm still forced running the high latency, often glitchy Intel installer versions, a few months after contacting support. Anyone had it working? I mean I'm getting like 40% CPU for a simple FM patch under Rosetta, come on! 

  7. Ittai Shaked

    Why Can't I find my Voltage in Pro-Tools 20.6.0 on M1 Pro.? Standalone works fine.

    Do I forget anything? Used to work fine on my Mac Intel.

    Why do I have the feeling it is a stupid thing that I didn't do?

  8. David Willis

    What determines how many Cherry Audio synths or instances of Voltage Modular can be run in Logic? Is it RAM or is it CPU speed or number of cores? My iMac Pro with 64 gigs of RAM using Logic chokes after 3 or 4 Cherry audio synths run at the same time. Please note: I am NOT complaining! I love your synths and just want to run as many as I can, so I'd like to understand the computer's limitations.  If an M1 or M2 Mac would get me significantly more instances of Cherry Audio synths, then I'm happy to use that as an excuse to get one! Thanks.

  9. Greg B

    Staff –

    We now have native M1 support.

  10. Bjørn Erik Pedersen

    Voltage Moduilar is not usable with Rossetta 2 on my MacBook M1 Pro.