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How do I send audio through Miniverse to use its filters and VCA?

You can send audio through Miniverse, using its filter and amplifier (i.e., LOUDNESS CONTOUR) in a DAW that supports sidechaining on instrument tracks. However, there are a few steps to achieving this. Here is a quick checklist:

  • Set the switch, to the right of the INPUT VOLUME knob, to the Sidechain position. This allows DAW signals to be run through Miniverse.
  • Ensure the INPUT VOLUME switch is on and the knob is turned up.
  • Use your DAW's sidechain menu to select a source; if you're unfamiliar with how to set this up, please consult your DAW's manual.
  • Turn the Loudness Contour Sustain knob all the way up, and hold a key down when feeding external sidechain signals through Miniverse, which opens the VCA and allows signals to pass.
  • Switch off your oscillators, assuming you don't want to hear them mixed into your signal.
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